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🤔 Problem

How might we develop an identity to connect and provide for people of colour interested in Ayurvedic herb products?

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Users and target audience

The intended target audience is women of colour, who care about their body's health and health of their hair. These women are passionate about self-care and self-love. The audience is also passionate and proud to support and engage with a black-owned business.

👨🏾‍💻 Role

This was a freelance job, my role was the sole designer in this project. Working with the client closely was crucial, and my responsibilities were, brand identity, illustration, packaging design and product design.

🧠 Process

After agreeing the required work with the client. Research was needed first. This involved interviews with potential users to help develop personas. With an understanding of the target audience and user, generating ideas for the brand could begin. After agreeing the chosen direction with the client, production could begin. This started with the brand identity, then progressed on to packaging and finished with an e-commerce site.


Interviews were conducted, recruitment based on people within the client's circle who were fit the target audience. Speaking with these potential users helped me to understand their needs and pain points. Further synthesis using empathy maps and customer journey maps to fully understand the problem an approach moving forward. 

Slide 16_9 - 3.png

Images show various insights that had been gathered

Slide 16_9 - 4.png

Images show synthesising of insights


Various workshops with the client, desk research and sketching of ideas was done to begin to realise our direction of the brand going forward. Various reviews and critiques with the client are taking place here as well. At this point, we tightened our focus on the necessary outcomes, i.e. brand identity, packaging and e-commerce. This included various rounds of iterations and testing.

Slide 16_9 - 5.png

Images show sketching and desk research

Slide 16_9 - 10.png

Images show brand and packaging ideation

Slide 16_9 - 6.png

Images show information architecture and wireframes

Brand and production​

At this point final assets are produced - the brand by myself; working with various printers for the packaging and print assets and finally e-commerce site design and build by myself (using Squarespace).

Slide 16_9 - 7.png

Images show final brand, packaging and website

📈 Outcome

The outcome was a fully realized brand capable of reaching and engaging with the target audience and user. This extended to social media which would help build the brand's presence. Packaging was also produced, in keeping and aligned with the brand. Finally, an e-commerce site was produced, which could act as the hub of operations for the client, allowing for sales, information and engagement.

The product is in the pre-launch stage, once launched we will be able to measure the early success of the experience and iterate from there based on our insights.

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