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Take injustice personally

🤔 Problem

How might we inform, educate and create awareness around the ongoing migrant crisis?

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Users and target audience

The audience was 18-25-year-olds, who have heard of amnesty international but are not familiar with what they do or the work they do. This is a key demographic who whilst they may not have the money to contribute, are eager to contribute using their time and advocacy.

Mind map
Bonnington Gallery

Images show initial ideas generation and a gallery visit for research and inspiration

👨🏾‍💻 Role

For this project, I was the sole designer involved. It was completed as part of a competition brief for D&AD, sponsored by Amnesty International.


These images show initial visual exploration, using printmaking techniques

🧠 Process

Research first involved becoming familiar with the Amnesty international brand and how they currently communicate with their audience. Next understanding the audience was key. I was able to speak to university students and others within the demographic to understand their feelings around the issues and how they would like to be involved.


For generating ideas, it involved building out the touch-points for the campaign, being inspired by different cultures to normalize the differences in people's languages and aesthetics. With the ideas settled, production could begin, which utilized digital and hand-made techniques. This included printmaking, pattern work, and utilizing the Adobe suite.

Layout sketches
Layout digital development

Images showing layout sketches, content exploration and development of final imagery

📈 Outcome

The result was a campaign which included posters, leaflets, a micro-site and a youtube ad. The aesthetic referenced different cultures, with an emphasis on typography. Data was also used for key messaging. The assets of the campaign could also be carried over to social media platforms.

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