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Tudor Reilly Health

🤔 Problem

How might we better inform and educate the health industry of the services that Tudor Reilly Health can provide?

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Users and target audience

The users and target audience for the Tudor Reilly website are potential clients; pharmaceutical companies and contract research organisations. They will typically arrive at the site having heard of Tudor Reilly Health already, or from Google searches (SEO), or through our social media activity.


Images show competitor analysis and user journeys and stories

👨🏾‍💻 Role

Whilst the brand was already established, my role for this was to work worth various stakeholders in order to produce the desired outcome of a complete re-design of the website. The stakeholders included clinical researchers, content writers, business development, marketing and engineering.


Images show site map development and mood board research

🧠 Process

For the research phase, stakeholder meetings to understand the problem we were addressing was key. In these, my role was facilitator, guiding us to the key insights we needed to progress. These meetings included competitor analysis and keyword analysis, as SEO was something identified to be important. With all this stakeholder information, it allowed me to write user stories/journeys and mapping out the site, working closely with engineers. Visual research was the last part of this phase, developing mood boards.

Next came generating ideas, including sketches, wireframes and design of UI components. Once the wireframes and the visual direction of components and elements were agreed, working the designs up to finalised UI was next to do.


Initial site sketches to inform wireframes and UI

📈 Outcome

Working closely with engineering and QA throughout the development process, the result was a complete redesign of the site. All stakeholders were satisfied with the new site, with greater hierarchy and a more modern visual language able to communicate most effectively with the target audience. The re-design resulted in more enquiries and business leads.

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