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🤔 Problem

How might we present data to the life sciences community in an insightful and engaging way?

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Users and target audience

The target audience were people within the life sciences community. This includes people working in pharmaceutical companies (big and small), biotechs, researchers and academics interested in how patient data can be used to further the research and development of new medications.

👨🏾‍💻 Role

Whilst the brand was developed by a talented teammate of mine, my role for this was to work with various stakeholders in order to produce the desired outcome of a short animated data report. The stakeholders included researchers, business development and marketing.


Generating ideas for frames and storyboarding

🧠 Process

Once the script had been agreed amongst the stakeholders and the data sourced, my job was to first research into how best to visualize the data for the given target audience. Next was to storyboard the video based on the script provided. Consideration to scale was given early on, thinking about how I could potentially develop components and assets which could be re-used for future videos. Once storyboards had been agreed on with the stakeholders, production began, working with various Adobe CC apps to produce the outcome.


More generating ideas for frames and storyboarding

📈 Outcome

The outcome was a slick, two and half minute video presenting data and findings from our research team, having conducted surveys with patients. The information was topical at the time, speaking on clinical trials in 2020 (given the pandemic) and was presented using data visualization and infographics. The result was able to generate conversations with the life sciences community leading to opportunities for collaboration.

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