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Hard food

🤔 Problem

How might we help inform and educate audiences on the history and legacy of the UK urban music industry?

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Users and target audience

The audience for this was fans of the UK Urban music scene, encompassing genres such as Grime, UK Rap, Drill, Garage and more. Generally speaking, the audience is young people of colour, both male and female, from inner-city and working-class backgrounds able to relate to the stories being told in the music. The concept and work were pitched to UK Urban music media outlets such as Mixtape Madness.


Illustrations in development

👨🏾‍💻 Role

I worked with a friend and collaborator who headed up the concept as well as wrote and recorded the content. My role was to contribute ideas for visualizing the story. Ultimately, it was my responsibility to produce illustrations, typography and animation for the finalized visuals.


More illustrations in development

🧠 Process

Off the bat, aligning with my teammate on our vision was key. Understanding whom we were communicating to and what we wanted to convey to them, and what was valuable insight for them. Finalizing the content together was the step after this.

With the content finalized and research into aesthetic and formats, I can start generating ideas, sketching and storyboarding. Constant communication with teammates is key here, to ensure alignment throughout the creative process. Once the idea is fully conceptualized, production can then begin, from Illustrator, to After effects, Premiere Pro and Audition.


More illustrations in development

📈 Outcome

The result is a video essay suitable for Youtube and can be used to produce promotional social media assets. The first in a proposed series of videos aimed to educate the target audience on the background and history of the music they care about, informing them and educating them.

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