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Social media services

🤔 Problem

How might we use social media to further reach and engage with new and existing audiences?

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Users and target audience

As this case study collates a few different pieces of work, the audience varies from people interested in basketball to people intreated in music. What ties them is the active use of social media and more so, a keen interest in whom they are following, and a need to engage and interact with them.


Illustrations in development

👨🏾‍💻 Role

This type of work is typically done as freelance jobs, meaning it is me working by myself. Therefore my role in this is as an Illustrator and animator, working with the client.


More illustrations in development

🧠 Process

The first thing is the stakeholder information gathering. Interviewing the client, knowing what they want to communicate with their audience and how they want to communicate with their audience. Background research of the client and what they do is also required.

With this information, I can start generating ideas, sketching, storyboarding and writing. At this point, checking in with the client is important to ensure ideas are meeting their needs. Once the idea is fully conceptualized, production can then begin, form Illustrator, to After effects, Premiere Pro and Audition.


More illustrations in development

📈 Outcome

The results are short illustrated and animated videos suitable across all social media platforms. They are fun and engaging, communicating a clear message to the client's target audience whilst also stimulating conversation amongst the community around the client's work, be that basketball or music.

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